Friday, June 13, 2014

Just to throw a little product design your way -perhaps a little afternoon inspiration.
I happened to discover a designer by the name of Timothy John- a New Zealand based designer with a love for hand woven industrial felt, powder coated steel, and solid ash hardwood.

The 'Sidekick Stool'  was initially what intrigued me towards his designs.

These stools are "light and visually unimposing", making them the perfect match for any space [hello small space decor]. Available in a number of colours, with a natural or black stain wood top, the Sidekick comes in a stool size as well as a side table.

Looking deeper at TJ's portfolio I was smug to discover his wit show through in his other projects.

'Optimist + Pessimist'

'The Mastermind'

'The Boss'

See more of his work here:

Have a lovely day,

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