Monday, June 23, 2014

Minka Inhouse.

I was touched when I stumble upon the Minka Inhouse project on Kickstarter developed by Fran from Santiego, Chile. Fran finished her design degree and continued onto working in home decor for years, knowing she had more to offer. Finally coming to terms with her unhappiness, she decided to promote local production. With the support of the community, Minka Inhouse is able to buy raw materials, pay fair wages to the craftsmen, and most importantly - bring hope back into the local industry by creating jobs for amazing and talented people. Fran is positive that promoting local production will preserve identity + culture along with creating awareness of the importance of tradition - a concept often lost in our busy lives we lead. 

Watch this video, and see for yourself how how Minka Inhouse and the people behind it deliver a strong message.

My favourites - ceramic 'gold fever' mug +  cozy 'stay warm' home blanket

"There is something ritual about the work of Pedro, Hilda, Doris and Bernarda; always expectant, observant, never bored or dull. With expert skill, they integrate mind and heart in their process. All together, we form and give life to Minka Inhouse."

I find Fran to be a true inspirational leader in the design world. Taking her two favourite mediums, clay and wool, she has now a beautiful collection to go along with her beautiful story, reminding us all to support local craftsmanship. 

Get more here and here
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