Thursday, July 10, 2014

 I seemed to do quite the clock series during my second year of industrial design, starting with this one.
The 'Limited Perception Clock' is a play on the analog time teller. I tried to manipulate the two different arms on a clock face so that they would be two very different entities working together to tell the time, while relying on the user to fill in the gap. I ran into a lot of functionality issues with weight and balance on the clock motor - but in the end, my final prototype worked like a charm.
This is definitely a project I want to develop further and fine tune in the future.
Here is a peak into the process along with the end result. 

Funny, how things work.
How to read the time:
1 - Note that the notch at the top of the wood is noon or midnight (12:00am/pm)
2 - The small aluminium square marks the minutes. The notch in this one is called the 'indicator' - in order to read the minutes you will look where this notch is pointed in relation to the wood back board. In the following picture it is about 12:05
3 - The glass laser etched/cut plate indicate the hour. Follow the notch straight down until your eye meets a number marked (or assumed) on the glass plate.
4 - The seconds hand spins as per on a normal clock.

As the metal indicator turns on the minute, the glass plate moves relatively on the hour.
Titled the 'Limited Perception' clock as time is not easily read- but perceived. This is where it gets into the conceptual side of the design so I'll leave it at that.


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