Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The soft shelf is a product of my second year studying Industrial Design, sometime in April 2014. The final prototype dismisses the expectations of a static shelf and confuses the form, in order to allow personalization, customization, along with wear + tear by the user.

I quickly discovered as I was rapid prototyping, that I wanted to use textiles and wood together in a unique way. I started sewing pieces of wood to pieces of fabric, weaving and wefting the two materials together in any which way I could to get different results -  at this point I didn't know what my final product or system would be, however, I was discovering how to push the limitations that the materials were presenting. I was trying to develop the idea of 'sewing wood' so much that I was doing anything I could to make it happen, much to my surprise I found that drilling what seemed like a million tiny holes with the drill press isn't exactly my cup of tea. I then resorted to a new approach [finally] and thus, the soft shelf system was born.  Full PDF on my process book for this project soon to come!

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