Thursday, June 26, 2014

Inspired by traditional and simple craft techniques, Finnish -born designer Sami Kallio's collection 'Between Gaps' interplays balance within distances and dimensions. This collection has rightfully been recognized with a 2014 Muuz International award - an annual collaboration between the French online magazine Muuz and a consortium of French architects and designers whom recognize and honor innovation in the French Market. The negative space compliments and creates the entirety of the form, where the contrast in materials meet to communicate the character and function of the chair. The traditional craft of the solid wood combined with the cutting-edge technology of form-pressed veneer were used to achieve its light, sculptural form. 

"Sami Kallio's design is distinctive for the large cut-out patter on the chairs back rest, an interplay of shapes defined as much for what's missing as what remains."

Image Sources: &tradition, Sami Kallio

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