Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let's talk passion. I'm not talking about a spark, an interest, a query. I'm talking about that passion that burns deep within. The kind you can feel. For so long i've been doing what seems like trying to contain my wildfire in a mason jar with the lid screwed tight- too tight [ the kind where you bat your eyes at someone stronger and bigger to unscrew it for you ].  This reliance and dependance is not only containing and smothering my wildfire, but is creating a breading ground for doubt. That's it though- no more. I'm starting to loosen the lid on that jar [just as my dad used to pre-loosen the jars for me so when I tried to open it again i'd feel stronger + more accomplished- good trick I tell ya]. Regardless of whatever is holding me back, it's time to push harder. Time to kick my creative passenger's butt into gear, and focus on getting my degree in design the way it should be done. Passionately. I am officially ridding of the words 'exhausted' and 'tired' in my vocabulary and adding it to the no-cabulary. 
Rigour is in, boredom is out.
It's about refocusing on giving it all. In everything, 110%. 
Be thorough and dig deep.  

Cheers to letting the sparks spread.

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